A century ago, luxury meant travelling with a set of monogrammed leather trunks, with a hat-box to match. In 2022, the more astute travellers are choosing capsule wardrobes packed neatly in a single compact suitcase – the smart, stylish, and more sustainable way. Here’s Away & Co’s take on how packing more mindfully can improve your travel experience.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Capsule wardrobes have been around for decades, but they gained popularity in the1970s after Donna Karan introduced her iconic Seven Easy Pieces line – chic, classic items that complemented each other and could be combined in multiple ways. Curating a travel capsule wardrobe employs the same principle to build a selection of outfits that are practical, comfortable, and above all, stylish. With just a few well chosen items, you can create a wardrobe that sees you through weeks of travel.

Why should I choose a travel capsule wardrobe?

The simple answer is – to make metaphorical room for the things that really matter. By shortening your packing list, you’re saving yourself time and effort that you can then direct towards the experiences that you’re seeking. When you have fewer pieces to choose from, and a limited number of outfits that you can create, choosing your outfit is easier, faster, and less intimidating. Instead of spending thirty minutes trying to compile an outfit, you can spend an extra half-hour savouring a buttery croissant at breakfast. And why waste your energy trying to choose between two pairs of shoes when you could instead be choosing a cocktail at an incredible underground bar?

How do I build a travel capsule wardrobe?

A smart travel wardrobe consists of clothes and shoes that are comfortable, wrinkle-resistant, easy to wash, in neutral tones that make them easy to pair with each other in a stylish, complementary manner. That doesn’t mean you need to eschew colour or individuality, though. Tastefully chosen accessories add a touch of your own personality to each outfit, making it as unique as a trip designed especially for you by Away & Co. Wholesome experiences that cater to individual travel dreams.

Select your travel wardrobe with your travel goals in mind. If you’re likely to be hiking to Laguna de Los Tres, include a pair of shoes that make every step of the way worth it. If your evenings are likely to be spent in savouring new flavours in trendy restaurants, pack elegant, classic pieces that transcend trends.

Like travel, fashion doesn’t have to be tedious, or uncomfortable. If you approach fashion in the same way you’d approach travel, you’ll make room to explore more – and look great while doing it.

Our picks for 2022

Sunspel Cotton Jersey Tshirt

The classic addition to your travel capsule wardrobe. Lightweight and made of long stapled Californian Supima cotton, it promises you a soft, comfortable, and wrinkle-free experience. The classic fit requires minimal styling and can be paired with multiple pieces.

Eddie Bauer Pro Pants

Our choice for everything adventurous – climbing mountains or keeping yourself together before a skydive. With its two-way stretch fabric, you get to stay mobile for hours without worries.

The Bigger Carry On by Away

Our namesake offers the perfect home for your travel capsule wardrobe. This durable polycarbonate suitcase can carry all that and a bag of chips, and has smartly designed pockets for boarding passes, a laptop, and all the essentials.

Peak Design Packing Cubes

Smart, efficient packing gets a level-up with these packing cubes, which make it easier for you to find just the thing you need, right before you embark on your next adventure.