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We curate the wild, the wonderful, the one-of-a-kind experiences

Away&Co is a curator of experiences — the wild, the wonderful, the one-of-a-kind. Travel is a part of what we do, yes, but we’ll never call ourselves a “travel agency” or a “tour operator.” We know that for our guests, travel isn’t where they need an expert’s input. Getting from point A to point B is the easy part — we’re about what happens once you get there.

Steering away from travel cliches such as the get to know cities, countries and the travel-guide must-dos, our forte` is in finding travel experiences only locals or people with a real taste for the extraordinary have the privilege of knowing about.

We’re part of one of India’s largest and oldest family-owned, professionally-run businesses, that has excelled in the travel industry since 1977. Our passion for the extraordinary is a family tradition, and our finely-tuned professional attitude comes with well-oiled corporate systems that help us in our simple pursuit of being the best at what we do. Add to that a long list of global partnerships that have helped us curate our catalogue of curiosities, and a team is skilled at understanding exactly what you want to step away from, and what you want to drift away to.


Away&Co, is a division of Creative Travel, one of India’s oldest and best-known travel businesses. Since 1977, it has been a leader in showcasing the value of experiential travel, in India and around the world. The Creative Travel family of brands are part of the most exclusive luxury networks in the world, including Virtuoso and Traveller Made.

Creative Travel has blended our family’s unparalleled passion for travel and the extraordinary with corporate systems that are flawlessly managed by a large, global team of professionals. As an independently family-run business, our goal has never been to become bigger – just better. Better than others, and better than ourselves, until we can confidently call ourselves the best at what we do – creating unique, inimitable travel stories that keep our guests coming back for more.

Creative Travel is not just an industry leader, but a company that is truly engaged with the travel industry. The goodwill we have, carefully acquired over the years has gives us special access to venues, experiences, and people who help create the stories we are known for.

As a company, one of our greatest strengths is our team – best-in-the-business experts who are committed to the same goals as we are. Our team of professionals helps us fulfil our desire to offer a differentiated experience and is skilled at understanding what our guests are seeking.

Away&Co leverages this decades-old legacy and our global network­ offer our guests a brand-new experience that is based on Creative Travel’s core values of trust, integrity, curiosity, accountability, and togetherness, as well as new initiatives – sustainability, adventure, and the pursuit of the extraordinary.

We are
   The Creative Travel family global affiliations   

The Creative Travel family of brands are long standing global members some of the worlds most important International organizations. These affiliations carry responsibilities and Away&Co is pledged to meet those responsibilities with the highest standards.


We’re not your conventional travel company so please don’t expect us to behave like one. Please set an appointment with a experience designer, and leave the rest to us.

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