Lanes of Love, Literature, and Gastronomy

   Is France just about cafes and croissants?   
Go deeper and explore France beyond the touristy must-sees. Vive la difference through experiences that only locals or people with a real taste for France would know of.

Become an Oyster Connoisseur at a farm

Enjoy all of the sea’s splendors at Bassin d’Arcachon. Hop aboard a boat to an Oyster farm and enjoy biting into the fresh pick of the day right off the Atlantic.

Master French cooking techniques

France’s most prestigious experience awaits as you explore Bordeaux’s morning market with a cuisinier. Shop local ingredients and master French cooking techniques at a private class. Then, relax and relish your marvelous creation.

Private Lunch at a local fisherman’s stilt-hut

Devour an exotic menu at a Cabanes tchanquées, popularly called a stilt hut. You might feel like you’re floating on water if there’s a high tide which makes this experience all the more incredible.

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