The Hypnotic Natural Paradise

   Is Ecuador all about the Galapagos Islands?   
Home to the Pinocchio lizard, the oldest civilization in South America, 4,000 species of orchids, and with historical links to the Inca tribe- Ecuador is an experiential goldmine.

Weave the original Panama Hat

Discover the actual origin of the legendary Panama hat and weave yourself one from start to finish. Then, go about your day showing off your exclusive style.

Glamping amid volcanoes

The Cotopaxi sanctuary lodge is a secret, elusive getaway, not all have the privilege of reaching. Wrap yourself in complete bliss in the midst of nowhere amid volcanoes.

Walk on a lava tunnel

Walk underground on a lava tunnel formed of the outer skin of solidified molten lava. What’s great about this tunnel is that the molten lava inside the flow kept going, leaving behind tunnels a kilometer long.

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