La dolce vita!

Away in Italy

Take a journey through the charm of yesteryear and the magic of the alluring picturesque destinations, which lets you relax and recharge without sacrificing the adventure. Experience the perfect and dynamic balance between history and modernity at a place where fashion and design take birth. Art and romance never seem to sleep within the Italian cities carrying eternal love for its food, its culture, and its people.

Away in Italy

Connected through Canals

Float through 118 islands united together by more than 400 bridges, separated by canals that act as waterways. A Gondola Ride in the city of Venice while being guided through the romantic charms and unique history in every corner of the city brimming with cultural treasures. Enjoy one of Venice's most leisurely and original pastimes along with an expert gondolier showing you the way. 

Away in Italy

Under the Moonlight

Hold the hand of your loved one and have a guided walk through the streets of Verona under the moonlit sky. You'll stroll around the romantic alleyways and streets, listening to stories about the poets, painters, and dreamers who have fallen for the city's charms. Also get to visit some of the best wine bars in town and maybe you’ll fall for the charm of the city too.

Away in Italy

Where Time stands still

Visit the startling monuments of ancient Rome and learn about the history and heritage that still stands tall. From the Colosseum that expresses imperial Rome so well, to the San Lorenzo whose stillness can be quite surreal these lasting stories of the great Roman empires showcase power and spirituality at its finest.

Away in Italy

Extend an Olive Branch

Discover the secrets that are hidden behind the olive trees of Puglia, in exclusive private picnics amidst the olive groves. This unmatched experience within ancient trees reveals much about the history of the region, its stunning natural beauty and incredible culture. Savoury juicy olives and the exclusive olive oil tastings that continue to intertwine with Italian cuisine.

Away in Italy

Glasses of Wine

Experience the distinctive element of wine in its elegance, red and white harmonies that are able to last in time. The wine experience at the Casato Prime Donne, which expands 40 hectares, produces some of the finest wines of the country. Walk among large barrels of ageing wine and taste their flagships in a full-fledged wine tasting tour.

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