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If you're here, it means you'd rather be somewhere else. After all, There’s so much to see, and experience. We've curated the finest, the unusual, the incredible of travels, and we're always discovering more. Explore a land that is pristine, authentic and not made up to cater to the ‘tourists’ while you enjoy the perfect cuppa, brewed fresh. Immerse yourself in nature in all her tropical allure.


Medellin Tango

Express with your body as you learn to Tango with experts

La Candelaria

La Candelaria Historic District

Experience the birthplace of a city.
Relive the creation of Bogota in your mind.


Street food tour at Cartagena

Tropical paradise on the Caribbean
coast, Cartagena is food lovers'

Glamping in Cocora

Glamping in Cocora

A valley amid the Andean mountains, with stunning views best experienced up close.

Artisanal Beer

Artisanal Craft Beer in Bogotá

Walk Calle 45, the beer capital of Bogotá where a revolution is brewing. Literally!

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