The Hidden Track

An immersive journey

Witness the Transcaucasian trail through nature’s wonders and mysteries, which would make you question if it's all but a dream. Celebrations in Armenia speak truly of its rich culture and heritage, which sometimes last several long days. Landscapes and historical monuments await to take your breath away, along with some of the most delicious food to accompany your journey into a land of adventure and hospitality.

Enduring Beliefs
Enduring Beliefs

Enter into some of the finest architectural innovations and spiritual symbols that stand true to the beliefs from their inception. Witness the cathedrals that have a global influence even today, Zvartnots and Etchmiadzin in Yerevan. Immerse in the histories that inhabit these religious emblems and learn about the legends that have passed on for centuries.

The Longest Bread
The Longest Bread

Explore the Hellenistic pagan temple of the 1st century that’s surrounded by mountains of old and get your appetite built for a gastronomic experience of authentic Armenia. Eat with your eyes at an experienced Lavash baking demonstration in the Tonir’s, followed by tasting a scrumptious brduj roll delight stuffed with fresh young cheese and local herbs.

Meet the Russian traditions
Rendezvous with Russian traditions

Walk through the muddy roads of Fioletovo and visit the Molokan minorities that reside on those lands. Take part in their long traditions and a special tea-making ceremony of the samovar with a side of the famed Armenian cheese. Have a chance to witness the lives of ethnic minorities in an almost mono-ethnic country.

Another side of the Capital
Another side of the Capital

Take a trip around one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities, and grab views of major sights across it. From the groundbreaking Opera house to the magnificent scenery of the two ice-capped biblical Mount Ararat, witness a cultural bonanza throughout the streets. Walk the lively squares buzzing with local markets and cafes, while devouring a few local delicacies.  

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